Remitly Motion

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How to Video

Remitly has a complex product structure that changes based on send and receive country. I created a how-to video that could be easily edited based on dependent variables: delivery speed, pick-up options, exchange rates and partners.

Wall Tax Video

Taxing remittance is taxing people for helping others. Sending Money to Help Loved Ones Across Borders Shouldn’t be Punished. Remitly’s CEO, Matt Oppenheimer, testified in front of Congress against the Wall Tax. To help the cause I created a video that shows the importance of Remittances.

Motion samples

Showcase of some animations I created for product walkthroughs, digital marketing, and campaigns.

Mural timelapse

Mural design created for a team hackathon with Theresa Chong. We had 3 days to design and paint the mural (with a little help from my family).

More Projects