Jade, Evan, Brian @Mariners
Jade Hamburger Mural


I’m Jade LaJambe. Originally hailing from San Diego, CA I moved up to Washington with my Canadian husband to bask in the clouds. Together we feed our endless desire to learn by obsessing over hobbies new and old: designing together, painting murals, creating resin tables, snowboarding, playing softball, reading fantasy novels and documenting our son’s lives.

My interest in art blossomed as a child from my dad’s encouragement. He would use extra supplies from his painting company to help me paint, build, or piece together art. Years later, after earning my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, I am doing more of the same (including working on projects with my dad), but now I have even more digital mediums to express myself.

As a designer I specialize in creating strong brands, user interfaces, printed collateral, and environmental designs for interesting people and companies. My role in life is culture by design. Everyone is responsible for their impact on the world. Mine is to use my design skills to communicate and create positive experiences.

I believe in collaboration and sharing knowledge. When I learn a new technique or discover a new way to use a tool my first instinct is to share. This has led to me managing designers and helping them in their careers. I wouldn’t be where I am today without people helping me along the way, so I love being able to now provide the same.

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Concepting sketches
Resin live edge table